The Best Western International, Inc. is the one who operates hotels and resorts that were under its various brand. It has already thousands of hotels and motels that it manages around the world. This is a chain of hotels that was formed in one group functioning like a cooperative and is still expanding. It has its headquarter located in Phoenix in Arizona. In North America alone, the Best Western International, Inc. has 2,000 hotels being managed. The founder of the brand is M.K. Guertin in the year 1946.

Currently, the CEO of this hotel family is David Kong and the chief officer in its marketing is Dorothy Dowling. It has continued to expand when owners of a hotel in Canada joined the brand. Through this, the Best Western brand then has expanded into Australia, New Zealand and also Mexico. As it has expanded the international was given into its brand. But the name used in Europe and Asia is Best Western Premier. There are others that are simply known as the Best Western.

Later it has changed its system that resulted in Best Western as the first, Best Western Plus as the second and the Best Western Premier. In 2011, it is not only a single brand hotels and motels so they also changed the slogan from the words hotel chain into hotel family. Now it has its influence in different countries around the world. It is making the hotel experience a meaningful one operating its brands.